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Shout-out from Michael Perry for The Geiger Counter

New York Times best-selling author, fellow-Wisconsinite and all-around nice guy Michael Perry posted this shout-out on The Geiger Counter:

The Mailbox Is Always Full…

…of books and manuscripts from folks requesting I read their work. I am humbled by this, because that’s exactly what I want, too. Unfortunately there are so many weekly arrivals I’d have to read full time just to acknowledge a fraction of them and meanwhile my own work (as a writer, yes, but also as a Dad and a 9-below plow-truck starter) wouldn’t get done. I’m saying this because there is a fellow named Matt Geiger currently residing in Wisconsin who has just released a collection of writing called The Geiger Counter: Raised by Wolves and Other Stories, and I’m glad he has, because we need as many thoughtful, reflective, matter-of-fact voices as we can get. Matt and I are not buddies or related or anything but I can tell you when I peeked in his book I saw the word “chickens” and the phrase “fail the Scott Fitzgerald IQ exam,” so we share that. Also, he got a blurb from Doug Moe, and Doug Moe is a solid citizen. Here’s the book right here.