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I am joined by Alan Anderson, a teacher and student in the Shambala Buddist Community for 30 years, and the Founder of Arts and Mindfulness for Academic Progress (A.MAP) where he taught music and mindfulness.

Alan courageously recounts a painful and shameful time, 8 years ago, when he had failed many people in his life, including his Shambala Community. He shares how even with all the shame and loss of identity, how a journey of compassion led him to radical responsibility. In this podcast, he outlines the 7 skills that helped him get through this difficult time.

We further discuss:

  • How through all the shame, he still managed to find his innate/inherent goodness
  • Self-deception as a barrier to taking responsibility, and how shifting from blaming others to ownership of Alan’s experience helped him heal.
  • The power of meditation, and the importance of entertaining a different perspective.
  • The freedom that comes from no longer hiding awayFor more details on Alan Anderson’s book, “When Bad Lands”, you can visit his website

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