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Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (2/2020)

samir's revengeSamir’s Revenge,” is the sequel to “Terror in Paris” by Dave Admire. The story takes off when three university professors return from Paris after it is attacked by terrorists. These professors and their students engaged in gunfire with the terrorists, leading to the death of the leader, Samir’s close friend. Samir plots his revenge on the professors to coincide with New Year’s Eve attacks on three major cities in the United States. These cities include San Francisco, Seattle and Las Vegas. Samir and his followers illegally enter the United States from Mexico. They easily gain access into the United States, with their weapons, by using coyotes and a Border Patrol Agent who is on the take. While Samir is attacking the three cities, the professors and their families are setting up a plan to thwart him. Tensions rise when they discover that he was successful with his attacks on the cities. They are determined to stop him at all costs.

“Samir’s Revenge,” was a fast paced read for me. While I did not read, “Terror in Paris,” I can vouch that this book stands well on its own, however, I would like to go back and the first book because I enjoyed this one so much.

The characters are realistic and easily likeable. While they’ve obviously already gone through a great deal of character development in the first book in the series, they continue to expand and evolve as they are faced with a new threat. Their comradery is enjoyable and adds to the desire to see all of them survive. The acts of terror are well described, and extremely realistic. It is scary to consider that these acts could actually take place on US soil. The author’s vivid imagination will easily unnerve readers.

You will want to read this book quickly to the very end so that you can rest easily before the sun goes down! I highly recommend “Samir’s Revenge” by Dave Admire as a fast-paced and exciting suspense thriller. I look forward to reading the third book in this series!

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