Your Life Matters: How to Get Out of the Life You Don’t Want and Live the Life You Do Want


Larry Cockerel

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Yes, you can change your thinking and you can change your life! You have the choice, you have the power, and you can have the life you really want to live.

Your Life Matters is about you—and your exciting future life. Sure, it’s okay to look in the rear-view mirror, to reflect, to learn, and grow. But it’s not okay to camp out in the past and shut the door on the future. Each of us has a past and a present—it’s up to us to create our exciting, fulfilling future! Larry Cockerel’s steps include:

  • Believing in Yourself
  • Finding Faith
  • Letting Go
  • Getting Right
  • Knowing You Can Do It

International speaker and trainer Larry Cockerel draws upon his years of experience and shares his own personal journey of getting out of the life he didn’t want and into a life that’s all he wants it to be. For more information, please visit or

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