Written in Blood: Post-Modern Penitentiary Poetry

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Written in Blood: Post-Modern Penitentiary Poetry is essential reading to understand how and why so many people are physically incarcerated or in mental prisons of poverty and spiritual debt. The poems can each stand alone, yet together, they tell a story of the problems bestowed on poor people by the moneyed elite, terror created by the prison industrial complex, the ills of godless religion, and misplaced love. People are hurting and are in need of a solution.

This book provides several plans of action to counter the seemingly unending pain of moral decay and economic injustice. The spirit of this work is unity among marginalized people through identification of the enemy, self-love, family stability, and community building. For all people to reach their full potential, they must be unshackled from false pretenses, and made to understand they have a voice and a purpose. This seminal work is the beginning of that process.