Wisconsin Underground: A Guide to Caves, Mines, and Tunnels in and Around the Badger State


Doris Green| Read Reviews

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With the first edition out of print, readers—and libraries—have had to resort to searching for copies online to replace their old, much-used, dog-eared copies. No more. This second edition of Wisconsin Underground provides an up-to-date listing of the state’s most publicly accessible caves, former mines, and other subterranean treasures. Whether you are a sport caver, researcher, or vacationer, this guide offers unique travel destinations, suggests possible study projects, and points to both widely known and little known underground locations.


  • Updated listings of 44 sites
  • 18 new site listings
  • 14 museums featuring cave and mine replicas and geologic exhibits
  • 13 sidebars highlighting Wisconsin’s underground history and geology, as well as less accessible—yet fascinating—locations
  • Directions, precautions, and amenities for all sites listed

This guide offers ideas for travelers who want an unordinary travel experience. While some sites require sure-footedness and an ability to climb scores of stairs, others are accessible even for families with young children. Whether you’re ready for a serious trek or a simple peek beneath the surface, Wisconsin Underground can the lead the way.