West of Witty: Minne-Sconsin Stories and Femails


Rick Wehler

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This, the fourth book in the Minne-Sconsin series, has two main sections: stories and femails; and as added attractions: afterthoughts, quips, quotes and banter battles.

Minne-Sconsin Stories are tales of the lighter side of life’s happenings, and memories that were still available to me at the time. I follow a few of the stories with “Afterthoughts,” those ideas that show up after I’ve finished writing a story and I grumble, “I’m not going to rewrite it.”

Femails are a collection of laughable emails exchanged with my baby sisters Rhonda, aka Ru, and Sandi, aka Bun. They date back to 1998 when Ru first urged me to save them. I’ve selected a few from the compilation, edited them so as to be a little less inappropriate, and shared them in date order as we wrote them.