Walkabout Undone: A Memoir

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Dave Watson

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Following love around the world can be honorable, courageous, and inspiring. Going to Australia evokes images of the Great Barrier Reef, the ocean, the Outback, and all the wonders of nature.

None of this happened in Melbourne. Love led to academic shenanigans, xenophobia, racism, and the psychological underbelly of a delusional society. What’s a guy to do? Live in a country the rest of his days as an outsider? In a nation friendly to his native land, the most powerful on earth? Can’t white people get along in just about every civilized society? Is love worth it? Maybe.

Anyone traveling and studying abroad, especially Down Under, the lucky country, “where God kissed the planet,” will find this adventure fascinating. Travel inspires us where to go, what to seek, discover. Sometimes, though, we find out where we shouldn’t go, are not wanted, and where love can lead us astray.