Under a Silky Sky: The Symbolist Poetry of Edith Covensky

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Yair Mazor

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A CD of Edith Covensky reading the poems included in this book are included at no additional cost when you order through HenschelHAUS.

This book of literary scholarship is dedicated to the Symbolist poetry of Edith Covensky, one of the most creative, original, and prolific poets in the arena of modern Hebrew poetry. Under a Silky Sky may be justly considered a long journey into the heart of the most worthy poetry, and a bountifully rewarding literary excavation.
To date, Edith Covensky has published 29 books of poetry, mostly in bi-lingual editions ( Hebrew and English ). Her poetry has been translated into French, Arabic, and Romanian. Edith Covensky is a Hebrew literature and Israeli culture professor with Wayne State University. She is also a co-editor of the Israeli-American literary periodical Pseifas.

Author Yair Mazor is a professor of modern Hebrew and Biblical literature at the University of Wisconsin— Milwaukee. To date, Professor Mazor authored 28 scholarly books and over 250 articles and critical essays that have been published in USA , Israel, and numerous European countries. Dr. Mazor is a popular guest lecturer and has spoken to audiences in throughout Europe and many other venues around the world.

Among the many scholarly awards Dr. Mazor has received are the Sadan Prize and the Shpan Prize for two of his books, the Baron Prize for Excellency in the field of Jewish Studies, the most distinguished teaching award by University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee, and the Friedman Prize, a national award for the most distinguished Hebrew literature scholar in the United States.

During his military service, Dr. Mazor served as a combat paratrooper and parachuting instructor.