Turning and Being Turned: A Zen Circle of Practice Realization


Prajnatara Paula Hirschboeck

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Turning and Being Turned: A Zen Circle of Practice Realization is a handbook for practicing Buddhist teachings, ancient and contemporary. It supports those who aspire to awaken within today’s Earth Emergency–the tipping point of losing the world as we know it.
“Your practice affects the entire earth.
The moment when it is actualized is called now.”
Eihei Dogen
This book reverses the popular impulse to “zen out” of our lives. It invites us to intimately “zen in.” Turning into practice is exactly the place to realize we are being turned by the ineffable Wisdom and Love of an evolving Universe. It enables the “Great Turning” of humanity’s potential for a wiser, kinder world.
Author Prajnatara Paula, guides us around the “Circle of Practice Realization” taught to her by her Soto Zen ancestor, Eihei Dogen. Glimpse inside the “zendo” to experience how Prajnatara and her students practice the four turnings of Dogen’s circle. Those curious about Zen and those already practicing will find generous support.

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