Transformative New Thoughts

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J.R. Hutcherson

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Transformative New ThoughtsJ.R. Hutcherson

In a time when we are desperately seeking harmony, Transformative New Thoughts provides a true recipe for joy. This book will not only change your perception of life, but will also result in a deeper understanding, empathy and compassion for people, the planet and yourself. It is a book for everyone—the initiate as well as those still under the power of the illusions of life. It’s a book designed to awaken human consciousness.

– Keith Varnum,

Transformative New Thoughts–T.N.T– also stand for “dynamite.” And that’s what this book is: a small package that is packed with a joyful, fun-loving power. Author Jeoffrey Hutcherson has taken some basic words used in the English language, such as release, or idea, and tossed them into a kaleidoscope of spiritual/transformative meaning. When we look at these common words through this new lens, we see that they can also form uplifting messages and emotions. Contemplative questions and suggestions for meditation follows each reconfigured word, with blank space for notes. The ideas and play on words are intriguing, but for me it is Jeoffrey’s unwavering enthusiasm and love of life that shines through and showers the reader with delight, as he invites the greatness and perfection within each of us to come forward.

— Julie Clayton

J.R. Hutcherson is the founder and director of CinnerG Systems. His dynamic, interactive presentations inspire and “call to action,” helping individuals and organizations achieve joy and selfempowerment.

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