The Willingness to Change: Twelve Steps to Transformation Through Your Handwriting


Robin L. Tanguay

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Combining the Vimala Alphabet with the Twelve-Step Program creates a dynamic, logical, and practical transformational system of change. As you are working a particular Step, your intentions are supported by writing one or more of the Vimala letters that reflect the positive aspects of that Step.
—Dr. Vimala Rodgers, creator of the Vimala Alphabet
Author of Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life

The Willingness to Change combines two proven technologies: the Twelve Steps (originating from Alcoholics Anonymous) and the Vimala System of Handwriting. With this innovative approach, the Twelve Steps are enhanced by the cortical re-mapping (realignment of the neurological patterns in the brain) that occurs when handwriting patterns are altered. The result is an easy-to-follow method for identifying and releasing limiting patterns of thought and behavior. With pen in hand, the reader can apply this information to create and experience positive shifts immediately.

People with no prior knowledge of the Twelve Step process will experience the profound miracles that take place by incorporating the Steps into their lives. Those familiar with the Twelve Steps will encounter new growth through the handwriting changes. This is the ideal combination for anyone seeking a more spiritually centered life, the perfect dynamic for those with the willingness to change.

Robin has been living the Twelve Steps since 1996. Having studied with Vimala Rodgers, Ph.D. since 2003, she is a Certified Handwriting Consultant and an Authorized Instructor with the International Institute of Handwriting Studies. She offers workshops and personal coaching. Robin’s website is: