The Universal Doctrine


The Layman

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To the reader from “The Layman” …

I am not a writer or a scholar, nor do I have any appreciable higher education. There are no institutions of higher learning that offer the subject of my field of study. I do not see myself as a teacher. So, I hope you will excuse this rudimentary style of writing. The purpose of this piece is to share with you an unsolicited, life-changing event that I experienced at the age of twenty-three. I don’t know why I personally received this spiritual phenomenon. I’m just an ordinary person who had an extraordinary experience. I do not consider myself anything special. I have, however, always been a seeker for as long as I can remember.

From that profound experience came unadulterated “truths.” From this event, I received a great gift. I now have that gift to give. Please don’t take this as an egotistic statement. I beg you to give me a chance to re-gift the spiritual knowledge I have been both blessed and, at times, cursed with. I am not the source of this knowledge; I am simply a messenger. The birthplace of this knowledge lies within each one of us. It is my purpose to share with you how to access this information.

I feel I must apologize for my anonymity as a writer of this piece. The first and most important reason is that the message in this book is not from me or about me. This message did come through me and is meant for serious seekers only. I give fair warning; you will probably not be the same person after reading this book. The second reason is to protect my family. They do not realize how deeply committed I am to this spiritual path. They have their own image of me and that’s ok. The third reason is that I do not wish any recognition whatsoever. I do wish great success for the sales of this book, but only for the purpose of sharing this very important knowledge I have received. I hope you will understand and accept my position.

Wishing all those interested a fulfilling journey
on this path of knowledge.

The Layman