The Seven Gifts


David B Whitacre | Read Reviews

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Ancient Wisdom Reveals the Deep Mystery of Who We Really Are

Ancient wisdom found in one of the oldest, most revered pieces of literature of all time that maps out who each of us really is at our core. Now, for the first time ever, we go deeper as David B Whitacre unpacks this wisdom and gives us an intimate view into the Seven Gifts.

  • Who are you, truly?
  • What is the motivating undercurrent in your life?
  • Is there a different, better way to view humanity?

Whitacre entertains as he takes us on a compelling journey through his upbringing and beyond, leading to how he discovered his connection to this life-changing knowledge, and demonstrates along the way that he is a Master (American) Storyteller.

You will see yourself in him, in the people he knows and those he has encountered as he bares raw emotion, conjures times and places with clarity and precision, and ultimately helps us to celebrate humanity.

Within one of these Seven Gifts, you may see yourself more clearly than ever before.

Your relationships will improve and deepen because you hold the keys to understanding yourself and others in a simple but profound way.