The Pixologist’s Guide to Old Photos, Genealogy and Saving Your Family History


Mollie Bartelt

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Start your family history journey with your old photos!

Uncover the secrets of your old photo collection and see how the clues contained within old albums, bins and boxes may help you start your family’s genealogy journey. If you have an unmanageable number of old photos and a desire to get your family’s history preserved, this guide is for you!

Learn our proven system for organizing old and preserving old photos, memorabilia and important documents. See how you can transfer this information into a family tree building your family’s history and saving important stories.

We’ll also go over the amazing genealogy resources available to you. When you have the information from your family photos, you have so much to get you started in further research. You can learn more about what life was like for your ancestors, what they may have experienced and what, maybe, we can learn from them!

Whether you are just starting out or you’ve dipped your toes into family research, this guide offers practical tips and strategies to preserve your family’s legacy for generations to come. From organizing and digitizing your collection of old photographs to leveraging online resources for genealogical research, you’ll gain the tools you need to bring your family’s history to life.