The Pawns of Isolda


Maria Rosestone

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A heroine’s story of alchemy, love, and battle continues in The Pawns of Isolda, (Part 2 of the Herlot of Alonia Medieval Fantasy Series).
Herlot and Movo escaped execution in Herlot of Alonia, yet their jo urney has only begun as they search for a way to escape the city’s walls in The Pawns of Isolda. Plunged into an unfamiliar kingdom of Iptans, bandits, and stray children, Herlot struggles to understand whom she can trust while she unearths the magic that has birthed in her heart. As her feelings for Movo grow stronger, a darkness looms–King Felix and an ancient sorcerer await to crush her spirit. However, another darkness has risen, one that threatens the very nature of her golden heart.