The P.S. Wars: Last Stand at Custer High


Geoffrey Carter

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2018 Book Excellence Award Finalist for Fiction

The students and staff at Custer High are in the fight of their lives, battling a corporate attack on their school that is threatening their community, their futures, and their very lives. The entire city is up in arms, forced to take sides for or against the hearts and minds of the urban community in this clash between corporate greed and civil equality. At the forefront of this fight is veteran teacher Dave Bell, leading his staff and community in the struggle to protect the integrity of public schools, the very heart of our democracy, against EduNet, a ruthless and powerful corporate juggernaut that will stop at nothing to achieve its ends.

In a story that could be featured in today’s headlines, The P.S.Wars: Last Stand at Custer High reflects the challenges public schools are facing against private interests trying to devour our public school system. This is happening today—now—in every street in every city in America.