the mudras book – yoga hand poses and essential oils


Author: dr. lindsay luker
Illustrated by lisa marie trunkenbolz

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exploring the relationship between biology and soul is an endless adventure of peaceful curiosity.

this book is a wonderful place to begin or continue your experience. it is a guide on how to use the divine combination of mudras and essential oils to nourish the connection between science and spirit.

mudras are ancient hand ‘poses’ used to facilitate energy through your entire being. the circuits created via connection between fingers and hands can have profound effects on your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. mudras have the capacity to send powerful messages from hands to brain, from brain to body, from body to emotions, from emotions to spirit.

essential oils are aromatic liquids derived from various parts of plants from various parts of the world. used with intention, their aromatic properties can also offer shifts in body, mind, and soul.

used together, mudras and essential oils can support you in your growth to your most optimal being.

please find a peaceful spot, open your mind, and open the book.