The Light Speaks

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Roxette Denne

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The Light SpeaksRoxette Denne

Believe in Yourself! Seize the day!

The Light SPEAKS provides a simple and compassionate journal format to assist you in simplifying your life and living as joyfully as possible! When you learn to intuitively follow the path that is correct for your life, everything else comes into place!

Working with Roxette and the Light is always an enlightening and loving experience. Whenever I am needing support the Light is there and without fail the way forward is found. Working with the Light is definitely being on the spiritual fast track.
~ Dr. J. Jamieson, Scotland

I trust the information I have received from the Light through Roxette. It has been true and accurate for me and very helpful in many ways in my life.
~ D. Paddock, MN

Through the years, Roxette and the Light who speak through her, have assisted me in multiple ways. I have more self-esteem now and I face life with less fear and trepidation. I have learned that although I have lived alone for many years, I am never alone. Now, I trust more and I feel more confident to assist my clients more fully as a massage therapist.
~ K. Sartell , NV

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