The Kow Jumped Over the Moon


Ron Rashkow

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One day, a simple idea crossed Ron Rashkow’s mind. “Why not put pen to paper—old school—and write a story about the Rashkow family’s history?” Simple turned out to be far more complicated and difficult than he could have possibly imagined.

Six and a half years later, the task is finally complete. Ron’s intention for the original audience—his children, grandchildren, and generations to follow—was to establish a better understanding for them as to how they landed in their fortunate circumstances. This story makes it clear that their good luck didn’t just fall out of the sky.

Perhaps this book will serve an additional purpose of providing others’ insights into some of what it takes to become an entrepreneur. Ron’s journey highlights the creativity, perseverance, and passion, among other attributes, that are part of one entrepreneur’s success equation. Ron’s DNA, luck, and timing each played a role in allowing the family to flourish and grow. All is now in place for Ron and Linda Rashkow’s family members to reach new heights and achieve favorable outcomes in all they pursue.

If nothing else, this story will explain to all readers…How the Kow Jumped Over the Moon!