The Inner Circle Chronicles – Book 4

$18.95 Before WI tax

Edited by Anne Deidre



Compiled with love, intuition, and spiritual wisdom by Anne Deidre, founder of Inner Visions Publishing, Book 4 of the Inner Circle Chronicles series contains the heartfelt and powerful writings of 12 gifted healers from around the world. Each contributor has overcome emotional, physical or mental challenges and emerged to elevate humanity in the process of moving into a higher consciousness. Their works show that by applying spiritual energy and perspective, it is possible to transform any area of our lives. Our energy, our words and our voices matter.

Edited by Anne Deidre. Contributors: Kimberly Anderson, Sandra V. Castillo, R.D. Cogburn, Desiree Gertetzen, Becky Henderson, M.Ed., Catherine M. Laub, Melissa LeBlanc, Gillian Manuela, Yan Yamamoto Ouadfel, Gina M. Pirone, and Dana K. Stone

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