The Four Noahs: If It’s Meant to Be, It’s Up to Me

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Peters, Brian A.



Written by leadership expert Brian A. Peters, The Four Noahs is a parable that uses a well-known story told around the world, in many cultures, in many languages—the story of the Great Flood—to illustrate four ways to approach work, and indeed any personal effort. Four different men, each named Noah, are visited by a wise stranger who brings a warning of impending doom—relentless rain that will eventually cover the planet. However, the visitor also provides each Noah the same solution to prevent harm to himself, his family, and the animals—the Ark.
We generally get out of life what we put into it. What each of the four Noahs does with the information given to him by the visitor can be applied to our jobs, our career paths, as well as our personal and professional relationships. Success is not as elusive as we might feel. The path to achieving our goal is right there in front of us—should we choose to accept the path and make the journey.

Award-winning author Brian A. Peters, MEd, MSA, MBA, has studied and practiced leadership in many arenas, including public education, politics, and academia. He is also the author of “The METUS Principle: Recognizing, Understanding, and Managing Fear,” “Not So Common Sense: Threats and 21st-Century American Democracy,” and “The Pocket Guide to Leadership: The Nine Essential Characteristics for Building High-Performing Organizations.”

Award-Winning Finalist in the “Children’s Religious” category of the 2016 Best Book Awards.


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