The Flower and the Fury: The Poetry of Yonah Wollach and Modern Hebrew Poetry

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Yair Mazor

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The poetry of Yonah Wollach has immensely surprised and equally moved its target audience with its exceedingly provocative themes and tempestuous style. She writes about erotic love, sexual lust, legendary figures, untamed desires, unbridled poetic proclivities, wild, and assertive sensual inclinations. Although her poetry seems to echo previous Hebrew/Israeli poets, such as Dalia Ravikovich and David Avidan, its spectacular originality is beyond doubt. Yonah Wollach, who died in her prime of life, has blazed a novel, innovative, daring, and aggressive trail in modern/contemporary Hebrew/Israeli poetry. Her poetry possesses the capacity to express tender, moving, fragile feelings in aesthetic patterns that reflect unbridled, unleashed violence .

This anthology contains 45 poems by Yonah Wollach, translated from the Hebrew by the author.

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