The Boys on the Porch: An Allegory–Bridges from Fear to Faith (Paperback)

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June Nilssen Eastvold


2015 Midwest Book Award Finalist: Gift/Inspiration

“The Boys on the Porch” is based on June Nilssen Eastvold’s years as an activist in Seattle, Washington, while serving in the university district as the pastor at University Lutheran Church.

When a company of homeless men took up residence on the portico at University Lutheran Church in Seattle, Washington, all hell broke loose. Neighbors, realtors, health professionals, the Bishop’s office, the business community, the daycare staff, irate parents, and the ecumenical community began to divide around the question, “Who is our neighbor?”

This allegorical work addresses middle class values and superficial material appearances that block the mysterious, transformational work of the Spirit, who bridges all to the vision of the celestial city of God: crossing without fear to faith and love.

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