Set Yourself Free (Book and DVD)

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Reon Schutte

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ten-principles-for-the-power-of-choice-book-and-dvdORDER the book PLUS a 50-minute DVD of Reon presenting his story!  Join Reon Schutte live as he shares his harrowing personal story of triumphing over extreme adversity.

During Reon Schutte’s journey to liberation from both literal incarceration and the prison of the mind, he discovered the key to freedom: The Power of Choice.  In his first book, Reon shares 10 Principles–lessons he learned the very hard way–and provides simple exercises to immediately put The Principles into practice in our own lives.

“Most people will never be in prison, but they live like they are,” writes Reon, formerly a prisoner of war in Zimbabwe and now an internationally renowned inspirational speaker.  “The main way people do this is by robbing themselves of choice.”

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