Tears of Love – A Daughter Remembers

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Tears of Love - A Daughter Remembers HelenKay

Helen does a wonderful job of expressing the living hope and faith she has been given in the Lord in the midst of grief. In Tears of Love , she eloquently shares her personal feelings in the midst of her sadness of losing her beloved mother.

May this book be a comfort to others who are grieving and help them better understand the grieving process.

~ Rev. Paul M. Crolius, Senior Pastor
St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Reedsburg, Wisconsin

Thank you, Helen, for putting your memories into words to share with others. You have given us an inside look on your emotional journey with your mother’s death. It gave me comfort in handling similar emotions and feelings after my own mother’s passing.

~ Patti B., Farber Funeral Home

Wishing to help others work through the devastation of losing a loved one, HelenKay has opened her heart and her journal in these pages. She and her husband, Les, are the parents of four grown children and have six grandchildren. They reside just outside La Valle, WI.

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