Tears of Joy that Changed the World


Author: Linda Anderson-Little
Illustrator: Karen Hilmes

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“Tears of Joy” is such a feel-good book, and it teaches empathy and considering others from such a loving place! Every reader will be able to relate in some way. The river of tears is an intriguing place where needs are met and people are cared for. This book is a soul-warmer and should be implemented in every elementary guidance curriculum. Seeing the world with compassionate eyes helps individuals feel proud of their efforts and find our place in the world, where we all belong.—Tonia Hastings, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor & Professional School Counselor
“Anderson-Little weaves together a beautiful story about family, compassion, and the importance of expressing one’s emotions in an inspiring and invigorating tale for all ages.” —Caitlin Curry, Educator
“An expedition of human emotions relayed to the reader through the heart of a child. This beautifully illustrated book will open your eyes to the value of what the thoughtfulness of others can do for our frail world.”
—Darcie Mason, Author of Twinky and The Village
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