Sparky and Me II: More Adventures with a Delightful Red Squirrel


Richard K. Meissner

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Join the adventures of Sparky, a little red squirrel, as he develops into an adult and surprises everyone. It’s sure to make you smile and laugh. Sparky survives a terribly cold and snowy winter living in the bottom of an aluminum boat, only to poke his head up from the snow to see if it is time to come out; Brrrrrr!

Finally, spring arrived in all of its glory, creating a huge playground for Sparky. Soon, a secret relationship ensued, along with a hidden nesting sight. And then…“Surprise!” Little Sparks are everywhere, creating a magical circus act in the trees. What an entertaining experience from just one little red squirrel named Sparky. This book is the sequel to Sparky and Me: Adventures with a Baby Red Squirrel.