Serenity Heights


Bill Zaferos | Read Reviews

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Bill Zaferos wrote his first novel, the absurdist, rollicking Poison Pen, during a manic high. Now Zaferos is back with Serenity Heights, which he wrote in his well-medicated “right mind.” Zaferos has lost none of the dark humor and weird plot twists that made critics call Poison Pen, “funny, outrageously so.”

Serenity Heights is the saga of a once-popular but now burned-out shock jock, “Rockin’” Donnie Derringer, as he settles into career purgatory working the overnight shift at a tiny radio station in Deerhead, Minnesota. Donnie sustains his boring small-town life with pot, alcohol and peanut butter, but when he makes a drunken late night suicide call to his sometime girlfriend Liz, he lands in Deerhead’s loon hatch, Serenity Heights.

Meanwhile, the chameleon game show host Jerry Most returns from Poison Pen and wants Donnie to appear on his new show, “Losers on Parade.” Donnie figures an appearance on Most’s show will rejuvenate his moribund career, only to have disaster fall upon him. Serenity Heights is a wild tale of what happens when you take the short cut in the quest to regain fame.