Selling Time! 123 Strategies to Achieve Greater Success Faster


Larry Cockerel

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Features Tell, Benefits Sell

Invest in the “Simple Strategies” of Selling Time! and reap these improvements to your sales process:

  • Build a better, more professional you
  • Perfect your prospecting skills
  • Use your sales time (that’s your “Pay Time”) productively
  • Create and deliver sales presentations that generate results
  • Master the critical stages of Follow-Up and Follow-Through
  • Move you into the class of “Sales Superstar”

Let Larry S. Cockerel, the Sales Development Pro, build upon your existing sales skills with 123 razor-sharp tips, techniques, and strategies designed to help you achieve greater sales success-faster. Master the art of the sales relationship and learn how to become an essential partner to your customers. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to become a Sales Superstar!