Pouring Out God’s Grace from a Mason Jar


Willie E. Burge Robinson | Read Reviews

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Through life’s ups and downs, following the straight and narrow or taking detours along the way, we all need an outpouring of God’s grace to get us to the finish line. In this latest release from author Willie Burge-Robinson, the mason jar is a metaphor used to show how God’s grace is not contained but poured out on the lives of ordinary people. In God’s opinion, you’re a first-class passenger even if you fly coach. While you may think of yourself as ordinary, God considers you His one-of-a-kind treasure, fully capable of shining for His glory. Filled with Scriptures and personal stories of God’s blessing, Pouring Out God’s Grace from a Mason Jar will encourage you in the tough times, inspire you when you don’t think you can take another step, and cheer you on as you learn more about God’s abundant grace.