Poetic Acrobat: The Poetry of Ronny Someck

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Yair Mazor

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Poetic Acrobat: The Poetry of Ronny SomeckYair Mazor
with works by various Israeli artists
translation by Marganit Weinberger-Rotman

In a captivating dance of poetry and prose, combined with images by noted Israeli artists, “Poetic Acrobat” offers a deep and compassionate contemplation of diverse works by Israeli poet Ronny Someck.

Dr. Yair Mazor is a professor of Hebrew Literature with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. To date, Dr. Mazor has authored 19 scholarly books and over 200 articles and reviews. He was awarded the Friedman Prize as “The Most Distinguished Scholar of Hebrew Literature in the USA” (1998) and the “University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Distinguished Teaching Award” (1999).

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