Pants on Fire: Leaving Marriage to a Sex Addict and the Journey Back to Me

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Reese L. Yant

Pants on FireSex and pornography addiction isn’t just a convenient excuse used by politicians and actors when their affairs are discovered.  For many women, this issue has invaded their homes and threatens their marriages and families.

For her entire 15-year relationship, Reese L. Yant’s* husband Mark was hiding a secret. He maintained a suburban double life- caring father, volunteer EMT and husband on the one hand, pornography and sex addict on the other. He lived both lives for decades and kept them physically separate—unsuspected by anyone, until one day, in a moment of strength, he told her.

What followed was a period of roller-coaster emotions as she attempted to make sense of what he confessed, uncover what he didn’t, and ultimately make some painful decisions. Follow her journey as she emerges from the shock and betrayal, navigates the mental health and legal systems, and finally awakens to the painful truth.

If you have encountered sex or pornography compulsion in your relationship and wonder if there’s help and hope; this book is for you.

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