Out of Darkness

$16.95 Before WI tax

Rex Owens


Book 2 of Rex Owens’ Irish Troubles Series

Searching for atonement author Ian Murphy drafts the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 ending the 30 year Troubles in Ireland.  Murphy’s years in the Provisional Irish Republican Army and his battle with depression cast him into a hellish darkness.  He finds atonement elusive and begins on a path for public redemption.

In the fall of 1998 British authorities propose building additional peace walls in Belfast to create a self-imposed apartheid between Catholics and Protestants.  Northern Ireland politicians are struggling to form a government and see peace walls as interference and sabotaging their work to create an independent nation.  Northern Ireland’s political leaders challenge Murphy to help put a stop to building additional peace walls and give meaning to the peace accord he drafted.  Murphy sees this as a path to find the redemption he desperately desires.

Living in Belfast Murphy learns first- hand how distrust and hatred divide the residents but is compelled to accept their viewpoint and recognize the unexpected implications of self-determination.  His experience forces him to examine his own life and accept responsibility for his own self-determination.  Murphy finds redemption in a way he never expected.

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