Old World Murder


Kathleen Ernst

Trying to leave painful memories behind her, Chloe Ellefson is making a fresh start.  She’s the new collections curator at Old World Wisconsin, an outdoor ethnic museum showcasing 1800s settlement life.  On her first day, Chloe meets with an elderly woman who begs her to find a priceless nineteenth-century Norwegian ale bowl that had been donated to the museum years ago.  But before Chloe can find the heirloom and return it to her, the woman dies in a suspicious car crash.

Digging up the history and whereabouts of the rare artifact quickly turns dangerous.  Chloe discovers that someone is desperately trying to cover up all traces of the bowl’s existence—by any means necessary.  Assisting Chloe is police officer Roelke McKenna, whose own haunting past compels him to protect her. To catch the covetous killer, Chloe must solve a decades-old puzzle…before she becomes a part of history herself.


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