Nocturnal Lament: The Poetry of David Fogel, Harbinger of Modern Hebrew Poetry

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Yair Mazor

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David Fogel is undoubtedly the harbinger of modernism in Hebrew poetry. While other Hebrew poets wrote their poems in systematically measured rhythm, rigid rhyme, and metrical patterns, establishing and aesthetically sculpting “celebrated,” symbolic themes, the poetry of David Fogel introduced a novel, innovative trend in Hebrew poetry. Accordingly, his poems are presented in a low-key rhythm of conversational Hebrew. Fogel’s poetry introduced a new poetic option in Hebrew poetry, one that replaced the proclivity of “fireworks” with a serene, whispering tone. Topics are somber and subdued, the atmosphere in his poetry is bleak and murky, while quietly refraining from blatant complaint. Fogel is a poet of doom and gloom, while expressing the latter in the most moving fashion of acceptance and surrender. David Fogel tragically perished in the Holocaust in 1944.

This anthology contains 75 of David Fogel’s poems, translated by the author.

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