Murphy’s Troubles

$16.95 Before WI tax

Rex Owens


Book 1 of Rex Owens’ Irish Troubles Series

Ian Padraic Murphy harbors a scandalous secret.  To avenge the death of his best friend in a Belfast raid, Ian joins the Provisional IRA which he conceals for 30 years.  He meets investigative reporter Eileen Donohue and friendship blossoms into a love affair.  Eileen inadvertently discovers the man she thought was a reclusive novelist is actually the brain trust for the IRA.  Eileen betrays her lover by disclosing his secret in Ireland’s leading newspaper.  Driven by guilt and remorse, Ian atones for his years in the IRA by working with Sinn Fein to negotiate the 1998 Peace Accord which ended The Troubles in Ireland. After deserting the IRA Ian’s own troubles are far from over when they order his assassination.  The assignment is given to his friend, IRA Commander, Kieran Fitzpatrick. Will Ian pay the ultimate price for disloyalty to the IRA?


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