Mending Stone

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by Sharon Duerst

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HMending Stoneaunting dreams compel Texas native Mia Casinelli Edwards to try to save her marriage and overcome the loss of her child. But it may already be too late. Fleeing her Portland, Oregon home, Mia suddenly finds herself miles away, bruised and shaking, in the bed of a stranger.

Questions of faith, heritage, and fidelity plague the young woman as she navigates through troubled relationships and illness. Desperately attempting to establish a new identity, Mia is constantly pulled back by a nagging voice inside. Questions and odd clues lead Mia on a search for someone…somewhere…who has the answers.

“I couldn’t put the book down!”
—Kathy Bingham

“A captivating story—it took me to unknown places
that now seem familiar.”
—Karen Martell

“Portraits of betrayal, friendship, and love
—with a satisfying outcome of hope.”
—Debbie Wiemeyer

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