Meant to Dance

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Sonya Behan



Book 1 of the Apple Tree Warriors saga by Sonya Behan.

Reflecting on her own lost love, the now aged Sophie O’Neill discovers her expectant granddaughter, Jori, in tears and struggling to make sense of her recent break-up. As Jori pleads for answers from Sophie and her ancestors, Sophie guides Jori to the journals written by four generations of O’Neill women, safely stored in a family trunk brought from Ireland.

Jori learns about the dance with life her ancestors struggled with,learned from and kept secrets about, while Sophie does her best to come to terms about the choices she made. They sift through memories of heartbreak and joy, ultimately revealing one of Sophie’s deepest secrets. With encouragement and support from a long-awaited visitor, Sophie finds the answers to her questions and makes peace with her past.

A bittersweet tale about love lost and found, “Meant to Dance” captures the strength,courage and legacy of the O’Neill women. Set against the stunning backdrop of the New England mountains and the O’Neill family’s apple orchard, the last two remaining O’Neill women find love again on both sides of the earthly plane.