Jim Szantor

If, as Chris Rock has said, “Comedy is the blues for people who can’t sing,” Jim Szantor is in his proper element at the computer keyboard, where he crafts his idiosyncratic blend of one-liner humor, rhetorical questions, and questionable rhetoric, ranging from his advice to travelers:

Never visit a country that was called something else when you were in high school . . .

to his off-the-wall opinions on subjects such as maturation

You’re an adult when you haven’t had a graham cracker in 10 years . . .

to his new words for new words

Selfie? How about narcissipic?

In LOL-i-Gags, Jim Szantor, Chicago Tribune editor-writer for 27 years and managing editor of Down Beat magazine for three years, regales you with everything from his collection of actual, but quite idiotic, product warnings, to his Top 10 campaign slogans a certain high-profile female Democratic candidate should not use.

More than a thousand more nuggets from Jim’s blog,, await you in LOL-i-Gags! Enjoy!


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