Living, Loving, Letting Go: Why Some People Get Together and Stay Together, and Why Sometimes It Just Doesn’t Work Out


Dr. Neal Wiseman

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“Every time I think I’ve found the right person, something always happens to mess things up!”
“Something always happens to mess things up” happens on such a regular basis for some people that we have to wonder what exactly is going on. Millions of men and women—often bright, attractive, and financially secure—stumble into one relationship after another, only to find themselves more confused and less content than they were the day before.
In this book, readers take a journey through the realms of passion, commitment, and intimacy. They tune into their motives for coupling, and they become aware of the habits, attitudes, and moods that derail the coupling process. Along the way, they are led through a series of exercises and experiments until finally they see the big picture, and they learn exactly why “something always happens to mess things up” and what to do about it!
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