Life Through My Eyes: A Collection of Poetry and Prose by Rose Bingham


Rose Bingham

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Life Through My Eyes is an engaging, thought-provoking collection of poetry and prose that will spark as many of your own memories as Rose Bingham shares. It encapsulates a life of loss, love, and hope. Bingham uses strong images to place her readers in a world that activates all five senses. In this divided time, we need to know each other’s stories. Poetry is a strong tool for this. Not only did I enjoy the poems in Life Through My Eyes, I am a better person for having seen the world through Bingham’s eyes.

Thomas Cannon

Oshkosh Poet Laureate

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Life Through My Eyes, by award-winning author Rose Bingham, is more than simply a collection of writings. It is a captivating peek into the heart, joy, and sadness of a master storyteller. From essays reaching back to baking pies in wood-burning stoves to heartfelt lines in poems like:

“I wish for a moment

I could go back in time

With my mother’s hand

Tight on mine.”


In “You Can Buy My House But Not My Memories” (one of my favorites), Rose tells her reader, “I’m fortunate to have lived in a log home surrounded by stately pines and oak trees whose limbs have been shaped by the wind.”

The entire work is beauty and hope, moving along the path of life with all its bumps and giggles, never giving up, not even when COVID hits. Instead, Rose suggests, “…since we can’t get rid of this new vocabulary and virus, let’s replace it with: hope, patience, and value the little things in life….” I read this extraordinary work twice; I bet you will too. It is a work of literary art.

—Nick Chiarkas, award-winning author of
Weepers and Nunzio’s Way.