Life on the Loose: My Journey from Suburban Housewife to Outdoor Guide

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Cari Taylor-Carlson


Life on the Loose: My Journey from Suburban Housewife to Outdoor Guide explores Cari Taylor-Carlson’s thirty-two year adventure with Venture West as she and her customers traveled the world with backpacks, canoes and kayaks. This was a risky business with an unexpected learning curve–from the first backpacking trip to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore to the final hiking trip in Zion National Park. She experienced the highs and the pits of the outdoor travel world as she navigated the unknown with her trusting customers following behind. In the book, Taylor-Carlson held nothing back as she somehow survived her own occasional negligence. She learned the art of the fake smile when things fell apart as she stuffed her panic because it was her job to set the tone for the group.

In the beginning, a painful divorce led Taylor-Carlson to recognize her need for wilderness, her safe place. That’s what gave her courage to pursue her dream and start her business. Life on the Loose explores two journeys–the internal angst of the guide and the external beauty of the places she traveled.

People who look for inspiration, or enjoy an unvarnished insider’s account of the outdoor adventure travel business, or simply like a good story told with complete honesty, will want to read Life on the Loose.

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