It's Not About Cancer, It's About You


Larry Cockeral

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Six reasons to keep living and enjoying your gift of life.
It’s Not About Cancer, It’s About You is a survivalist’s story about the experience and emotions of a cancer diagnosis, and responding to that challenge by aggressively living life. The BIG C can bring much unneeded stress, worry, and tough days. The BIG C can force you to change your thinking, faith, and belief in yourself. It can also help you discover your strengths, your power and passion, and desire to keep living and enjoying your gift of life. 
In this inspirational book, Larry Cockerel, a.k.a. the Cancer-Fighting Specialist, offers his unique perspective on CANCER and the human potential: 
C = Conquer Your Dreams 
A = Attitude is Everything 
N = Never Give Up 
C = Change is OK 
E = Encourage Others 
R = Reflect and Grow 
No matter how rough it gets, these six reasons can help you survive the challenges and embrace all that life has to offer.