Inner Circle Chronicles - Book 2

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Anne Diedre

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Any loss can be a gift, even if we can’t see it as such in that moment. In the Inner Circle Chronicles—Book Two, women from around the country and the world courageously share what it means to love and what it feels like when one has lost everything. It is an honor to share their journeys of crippling heartache, devastating loss, paralyzing sorrow, agonizing grief, and ultimately, the transcendence and powerful return of their own souls through the power of Self-love and Divine Love.
We may have heard of Self-love, but what does that really mean? Follow the chronicled journeys of these women and you will share in their tears of sorrow, sadness, laughter, and joy. With the Divine Feminine being wiped off the planet thousands of years ago, these women are powerfully pioneering a return of the Divine Feminine, a new age of truly transformational Self-love, with noble compassion for themselves and others throughout every experience.

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