Inner Circle Chronicles - Book 1

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Inspired and Edited by Anne Deidre

“The world will be saved by Western women.” –The Dalai Lama

Co-authored by 12 intuitive women leaders of the new economy–Evergreen Amundson, Connie Batsell, Dr. Clairissa Breen, Dr. Saskia Coté, Jennifer Decker, Dr. Suzanne Denk, Suzanna Gagnier, Anna Marie Nicoletti, Karen Olds, Heather Paige, Brenda Pearce, and Anne Deidre–The Inner Circle Chronicles offers an inspiring selection of personal stories of success and perseverance, as well as beautiful artwork and photography that promises to transform lives and businesses with soul and spirit.

Mothers, wives, career women, entrepreneurs, artists, and poets in their prime share their compelling stories on how to thrive in any economy and overcome myriad challenges. These powerful women, professionals all, share their journeys of discovery and accomplishments with the Divine potential of their lives.

Laugh and cry with the heartfelt and emotionally authentic stories, compiled by intuitive coach and publisher Anne Deidre. The contributors share their tools and tips, along with their recipes for success in love and life. They connect to their spiritual, intuitive, and creative selves, and reveal experienced miracles in their own lives and in the lives of others around them.

May these Divinely inspired words, art, and poetry remind you of your own great purpose.

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