Inner Circle Chronicles - Book 3: Intuitive Healers Leading the New Economy with Integrative Health, Soul, and Spirit

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Anne Deidre

Inner Circle Chronicles: Book 3 introduces some rising stars in the fields of Integrative Health and Energy Medicine. Many people on this planet have been, and are, shamans, healers, and medicine men and women. Wholeness, healing, and a natural ability to work with God and health are taught in many religions. This series contains a universal spirituality that has been embraced around the globe.

In this book, you will meet fascinating women who have gone through challenges, awakened to their true nature, and then became powerful channels of Divine Energy and Integrative Health and Wellness. Many around the world are awakening to Energy Medicine, the Energy of Divine Love, transmitted by Jesus, the Great Master Healer.

These powerful women are changing the world as intuitive healers leading the new economy with integrative health, soul, and spirit. May you find all you are looking for within these pages. With the messages so generously shared by each woman, may you feel comfort in knowing all health and wellness you seek are within you.

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