I’m Just Not A Math Person!


Brian A. Peters and Kristine E. Hobaugh

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Millions of American students today hate, despise, loathe, or even FEAR mathematics. Anxiety in the classroom leads to far too many students struggling and underperforming as learners, which can have a long-lasting impact on their potential—both personally and professionally.

Based on the framework from Peters’ award-winning book, The Metus Principle: Recognizing, Understanding, and Managing Fear, Peters and Hobaugh take a close look at the connections between fear, motivation, and learning. Strategies and classroom examples are provided to help readers recognize, understand, and manage the fear of math—leading to meaningful connections with math activities and deep, conceptual understanding.

Written for administrators, teachers, parents, and students, I’m Just Not a Math Person! focuses on building relationships and confidence in the classroom to foster a learner’s mindset and help students and teachers achieve their goals.