Choosing New Ways Forward Book 2: How Do I Get to Be Me?


Elizabeth Jo

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Believing that we must struggle to Survive is a long-held practice in our world that shields us from recognizing who we really are. Systems based on Survival have been formed and are still upheld today. Social orders have been organized and propagated across borders and within belief systems. The common threads that maintain these structures are born of fear and threat and woven together to maintain unequal value.

How Do I Get to be Me? offers relief from this burden and strife, giving us a new place to stand and new ways to practice ourselves as we discover and choose new ways forward. Practical and concrete conversations open inner and shared spaces where questions can be curiously and safely embraced. As possibilities develop and are recognized, new choices can be explored and practiced.

This is an invitation to step in and discover yourself in new ways.

Are you curious? What will you discover? What will you bring?

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