Gray Horse at Oak Lane Stable


Kerri Lukasavitz

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What will 13-year-old Cassie do when she unexpectedly finds a note buried in her show trunk from an unknown informant … warning her that she’d better watch out or face serious consequences if she and her new hunter mare, Snowdrops, don’t stop winning blue ribbons? Will she cave in to it, or will she set her heart on achieving her goals to qualify for the fall Children’s Hunt Seat Equitation Championships despite the odds stacked up against her? Who left the note? Would somebody really hurt her or Snowdrops? It couldn’t be her best friend since 3rd grade, could it?
On top of the horse show drama, Cassie experiences her first dance and romance, along with all of the challenges she and her friends face as they move on from a tiny country grade school and get ready to head for the big high school in the fall. She will also face the hardest decision of her young life—a decision she avoids as long as possible.
Book 2 in the Oak Lane Stable Adventure Series, Gray Horse at Oak Lane Stable is a YA novel about the dedication to riding, long-time friendships and making new friends, plus derailed ambitions—how other people’s selfish motives affect our lives and the choices we consciously or unconsciously make, even as early as 8th grade.